Young Londoners on Furniture Design

According to Dezeen, London agency Spacemakers has brought together design studio Silo and a group of young people to create a range of public seating.

Designed especially for use in a forthcoming square in Wealdstone, northwest London, the furniture has been designed as part of a new public design project that engages young people in the area. Called the Wealdstone Youth Workshop, the project has seen a group of local 17 and 18-year-olds – Esther, Marius, Tanya, Leo, Katy, Danica, Kayleigh, and Marina – working with multi-disciplinary designers Silo to research, design and produce the furniture over a period of six months.

Made in the UK, the Wealdstone Leg is a multifunctional component that forms the basis of the Wealdstone Youth Workshop’s collection. While it can be used as a leg, an arm or a bracket, it will form a part of a range of stools, benches, and chairs for the new public square.

The unusual legs are made from a mixture of 60 percent polypropylene and 40 percent sustainable paper pulp, which that gives each a unique color. The multicolored legs are designed to be used together at random.

The Wealdstone Legs are also available to buy with all proceeds going back into the project. The youth involved in the project each receive a royalty percentage on each sale, along with a small stipend of £500 for taking part.

“The project was a response to the situation we found in Wealdstone,” said Spacemakers. “We were initially asked to find new users and create new uses for the new square. We quickly realized, however, that the community had bigger problems: namely, a lack of activity for young people due to cuts to youth services, and the resulting negative perception of young people hanging around the town.”

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