Online Furniture Business in Germany

German shoppers have always been willing to avail furniture online and it has grown significantly these past few years. According to Ecommerce News,  more than one in three Germans, 37 percent to be more precise, have already shopped online for stuff like beds, chairs, and tables.

This statistic can be found in the report “How to do the Germans shop in the online furniture industry?” It is a new study published by multichannel retailer They have conducted the same research almost three years ago. Therefore, the results can be easily compared.

  1. Online Furniture Shopping in Germany

Based on the information from 2015 and now, it becomes clear German consumers are showing more and more interested in buying furniture online. As mentioned earlier, 37 percent of respondents said that they had already done so, which is 15 percentage points more than in 2015. Otto says this increase is thanks to the growing interested in younger couples and families, of which almost half of them now shop furniture online. Buying furniture online is relatively not that popular among empty nesters (31 percent) and older couples (35 percent).

  1. Using the internet for buying furniture and the potential of online furniture business’

Aside from the above-mentioned studies, another research shows that 43 percent of the consumers use the internet to obtain a specific furniture at the best price. On the other hand, 41 percent uses the internet to be informed about furniture, generally. Over 33 percent uses the internet for window shopping online. This also serves as an inspiration for new furniture. It gives them new interior design ideas, while 22 percent claims they do not use the internet when buying furniture.

“We want to further digitize the purchase of furniture in Germany and to expand the offer on for our customers. This study shows there is still huge potential in the online furniture business”, says Michael Heller, member of the OTTO Management Board for Categories. Find out what Kroger customers want.

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