A guide to buying furniture online

According to Domain, with a click of a button any time during the day or night, shopping for dream decor and furniture has never been easier. But that doesn’t mean your new item is always a perfect fit. With help from some of Australia’s leading stylists, we’ve provided a how-to guide for buying the right decor or piece of furniture online.

Before pressing “purchase” it’s imperative to do your research. “Have a plan for how you want your space to feel, its practical needs and your lifestyle to ensure it will work for you,” says Lauren Li from Sisalla Interior Design. “Collecting reference images of the type of space you want to create helps define the look and feel. Then make a list of the items you need, including the small details and decor items.”

Browsing first is inspiring and helps refine your choices while providing good design direction. “Think before you click,” agrees stylist Jason Grant. “There’s nothing worse than being disappointed when your item arrives. Do all the investigation before you commit, read the fine print, and double check colors, materials and size.”

Whether it’s a coffee table or a painting, measuring up is an important first step. “If you struggle visually, try laying newspaper out on the floor or on the wall and use it as a scale template,” says Suzanne Gorman from Studio Gorman. “If you are in an apartment or have trouble with access to your home, consider how you will move your purchase in. Is there a lift or stairs and will it fit through your doors?”

Consider the environment where your new purchase will live. “Take into account the color scheme, style, era and texture of the product and if that will work with everything else in the space,” says Miriam McWilliam from Studio Mimi Moon. Assessing quality can be challenging when the product is not tangible.

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